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UMass Memorial Health Care will become the best place to give care and the best place to get care through innovative thinking that improves the employee experience and consequently, our patients’ experience. “Everyday Innovators” brings news of efforts set in motion by our staff and physicians that are making a difference on both counts.

Everyday Innovators not only presents initiatives “homegrown” at UMass Memorial, it also offers examples from other health care organizations and industries to illustrate what works when it comes to improving the process, eliminating the waste and feeling productive and energized by our work.

In addition, “Everyday Innovators” explores the changing health care landscape and the things we must keep in mind as we make the most of the opportunities before us. What do health care reform, quality improvement and accountable care (to name a few) really mean to us and how we perform our jobs and make our patients’ experience the best it can be?

Join the conversation – I want to hear how you are feeling inspired, generating ideas and innovating for yourself, your coworkers, your organization and ultimately, for our patients.

Thank you.

Eric Dickson, MD

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