Veterans Day: Gratitude for Those Who Serve

Commitment. Sacrifice. Freedom. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we come together to honor the veterans among us on Veterans Day this Wednesday. Thousands of our own caregivers across UMass Memorial Health Care are veterans or family members of those who are or have been in military service. Collectively, they have made the commitment to serve our country, often making personal sacrifices to meet that commitment – all to fight for the many basic freedoms we enjoy in this country.

“Without heroes,” wrote the novelist Bernard Malamud, “we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” In a world that desperately needs heroes, our veterans prove, every day, the meaning of commitment and courage.

Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, please join us in thanking the women and men who have served our country so well, and who show us just how far we can go. They deserve our admiration and respect, as we honor them and express our profound gratitude.  Thank you, veterans, for your service. We’re privileged to have you as our relatives, our friends, and our colleagues.

With gratitude,

Eric Dickson, MD, President and CEO, UMass Memorial Health Care
Michael Gustafson, MD, MBA, President, UMass Memorial Medical Center
Steve Tosi, MD, President, UMass Memorial Medical Group
Doug Brown, President, UMass Memorial Community Hospitals, Inc.
Steve Roach, President, Marlborough Hospital and Interim President, HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital
Tamara Lundi, President, Community Healthlink

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