A Tribute to Our Caregivers: UMass Memorial Anthem Video

I never knew what the acronym ICYMI meant until my kids taught me – In Case You Missed It – since it is often used in social media. So, ICYMI, we had the world premiere on Facebook earlier today of our new UMass Memorial Health Care anthem video. Here is a link to it. I’m already receiving upbeat notes and comments from people who are saying that the video is an inspiration and captures our caregivers being the everyday heroes that they are – not just during the COVID-19 crisis, but all the time.

Everyone, everyday – and now I’ll add the word “relentlessly” to that mantra. Everyone, Everyday working relentlessly to make UMass Memorial the Best Place to Give Care and the Best Place to Get Care. I think those words portray the culture we’ve built here together. It takes all of us to care for our patients and our communities, working together all the time, and we never give up – even when times are tough, and it feels like we are working against all odds. We are relentless to achieve the impossible. The pandemic certainly proved our relentlessness – not just to ourselves, but to the communities we serve.

The first frame of the video shows this message: “There is a story that must be told.” This is our story, and I encourage you to share it. Now is the time that the world learns what I’ve known for a long time – that UMass Memorial Health Care is a special place because of all 14,000 of our caregivers.

Below are links to our social media sites for you to click on and share the video.

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