The power of teamwork

Isaac_Jensen_CaregiverIn two short years, our “Everyone, Everyday” campaign has come to symbolize our culture at UMass Memorial Health Care and the many ways we care, as individuals, for our patients and each other. Through the dozens of stories we’ve shared about extraordinary caregivers who bring their best to work day in and day out, we’ve shown that a caregiver is not just the person who delivers the care, it’s all the people who make it work and make it better across our entire system.

As individuals, each of us can make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families. One caregiver might say that means finding new ways to understand and connect with patients as people. Another might say it’s delivering healthy meals to patients who are hospitalized and missing home-cooked meals. Another might say it’s answering each phone call with respect and courtesy and a true desire to help.

While each of us can — and often do — make a difference each day, when we work with fellow team members to solve problems and brainstorm new ideas together, we can supercharge our results. That’s why I’m excited to introduce the next phase of our Everyone, Everyday campaign.

It focuses on teams who are going above and beyond to align their work with our organization’s most critical priorities – whether it’s better access to health care services, improving the quality of the care delivered, taking steps to make the patient experience a consistently great one or enhancing our caregiver experience.

The teams featured in our new Everyone, Everyday videos all have one thing in common: they consistently use our management system and tools such as team huddles and idea boards to shape our culture for the better and improve results – sometimes dramatically. While their stories, responsibilities and entities are different,Video_image each captures the essence of Everyone, Everyday as it relates to teamwork.

I encourage you to watch the preview video by clicking on the image above. Later this week we’ll have three featured video stories to share about the Medical Center’s Eye Center team, the Marlborough Lab team and the HealthAlliance Home Health and Hospice team (you’ll receive a separate communication once these video stories are live). I ask that you watch them, get inspired, and then take action with your team to develop and deliver new ideas of your own. That’s what Everyone, Everyday is all about.

As always, my sincere thanks for everything you do for patients and each other. With your dedication, great ideas and teamwork, we’re on our way to becoming the best place to give care and best place to get care.


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