Feeling grateful

Every year I’m grateful for our caregivers who take such good care of the many thousands of patients we serve. This year has been unique, and each of you deserves a special thank you.

We asked a lot of you this year. In addition to providing great care and support to our patients, we asked you to quickly get up to speed with Epic, our new electronic medical record platform. More than that, we asked you to sacrifice the familiar for the unknown, the routine for a long, sometimes painful learning process. With a few weeks of hindsight, we can look back and say the launch was a success. Yet, I don’t want to minimize how stressful and disruptive this has been for many of you. With your tenacity and dedication, I do believe it’s getting a little better each day – and that has everything to do with your willingness to keep at it and commitment to improving the patient experience.

Happy-Thanksgiving (002)I hope that each of you can spend some time with family and friends this week, and hopefully relax over a great meal. I can’t think of a group of people who deserves it more. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving and heartfelt thanks,


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