Upon Further Review: Human Element is Most Important

Amazingly, not one but two crucial referee calls have generated enormous controversy this NFL playoff season and possibly determined the outcome of two games. You may say, well, referees always miss calls, what’s so amazing about that? Well, what I find amazing is that poor communication and the latest technology, two elements vitally important in almost all aspects of modern life, were the culprits for the alleged blown calls.


Was this defensive pass interference? One official said yes, another said no.

In the first instance a flag was thrown and a call was made to assess a pass interference penalty against the defense. However, a second official saw it differently and the flag was picked up negating an automatic first down for the team which eventually lost the game.

It was revealed that these officials had not worked together as a crew this season which may account for the differing perspectives and lack of communication.  Rather than going with officiating crews who worked together all season long, the NFL opted for “all star” crews.


Multiple replays failed to convince many that this was an incomplete pass.

In the second instance, a pass was initially called completed but upon further review, using technology, the play was overturned sealing the fate of the team on the losing end of the call. Even with the most advanced technology at its disposal, the NFL officials still could not reach a consensus and made what many believe to be the wrong call.

Upon further review, the human element remains the most important component in any transaction. I would prefer a cohesive team of professionals, working together with the same understanding of the rules to an all-star team that spends the work day second guessing and dismissing the ideas of their colleagues. Likewise, I am a firm believer in technology; however, I recognize that the best technological solution is useless unless there are capable, valued  and respected human beings involved in the transaction.

Go Patriots

Patriots are one win away from their 8th trip to the Super Bowl!

One more thing on the NFL: Go Patriots!

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