Being Thankful and Sharing


It turns out that the old adage, it is better to give than receive has finally been scientifically proven. In the attached article “Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness” published in Science, Elizabeth Dunn and colleagues present evidence that there is more happiness created by spending money on others than on oneself.

As we all prepare for our Thanksgiving meals, whether it is served in your own home or a hospital cafeteria, please consider creating a little happiness in your life and the life of many others by giving to the United Way. For many reasons, including my transition into the CEO role, this has been lowest dollar generating campaign ever and many of the services we have historically supported through the United Way will need to be cut if we can’t get back to at least our 2012 level.

Please click on this link OurNet page and make a donation today, even a dollar a week will go a long way.

Thanks for everything you do to take care of our patients, one another, and our communities. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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